August - Möbius Necklace by ALTER DESIGN

The Möbius necklace is a great result of a collaboration between ALTER Design and Coolhuntermx for its 8th anniversary.The base concept for this necklace was the number 8.
But rather than just limiting our design to the number 8, we chose to go for the symbolism in its geometry, its bilaterality and its balance. And we wanted to combine it with another symbol of infinity, unity and multiplicity, the Möbius band. Suddenly, we realized something was missing; and this was the element of a statement piece.
We wanted this necklace to be like no other necklace, we wanted it to be an icon of the 3D printing technology while remaining sensual and powerful. That’s when we decided to include the Thiessen polygons, better known as the Voronoi structure which is so representative of the 3D modeling and printing technology.
The seamless integration of these 3 last concepts (3D printing icon, sensuality and statement piece) was the reason this item was chosen to star as our september staff pick and will be the reason why powerful women who own their own skin will wear it to any cocktail party or event where they know their boldness and vision will be acknowledged.

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